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Valentines Day Pictures

Valentines Day Images : Every year Valentine day is celebrated on 14 Feb. It celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine. First it was celebrated by Christians in England and America after that it was spread all over the world. It is known as love day. In India it was started in around 1992 after the introduction in Bollywood and after that people started celebrating it. In current time it is celebrated with a great joy and happiness. On the occasion of Valentines day,  boys and girls give roses, greeting cards and gifts to their lovers by this they express their love towards them. In Youth it is celebrated with great enthusiasm.  Each relationship in this world is made up of love, if there is no love so there is no happiness in anyone life. Although Love is not celebrated by any date and or any occasion, we can express Love without words, the feelings of love is like an ocean in which if storms strike than also it can’t be able to do any harm. Loves is a thread of renunciation and believe which we can only feel which we can’t express in words.

Happy Valentines Day Images Wishes Quotes HD Pictures 2018

Valentines Day Images : Checkout our latest and beautiful collection on Valentines Day Images, Valentines Day HD Pictures, Valentines Day Quotes, Valentines Day Wishes. Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

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Happy Valentines Day Images Wishes

Valentines Day Images | Valentines Day Wishes

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Happy Valentines Day Images Quotes

Valentines Day Images | Valentines Day Quotes

Valentines Day Images Valentines Day HD Images

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Valentines Day Images | Valentines Day Pictures & Cards

Valentine Day Wishes Happy Valentines Day

Same feelings & emotions are celebrated in a festival which is known & celebrated as Valentine Day. Lovers celebrate this day in such a way so that it becomes memorable of their whole life time. In Life Love is everything so we should give time to this pleasant feeling. In today’s hustle & bustle life somewhere we have lost Love. Time is like a bird if once it flew away from our hand so impossible to bring it again we can prison time only in our sweet memories.

On the occasion of Valentine Day each individual take out time from their busy schedules to their dear ones. They express their loves to their partners and give them gift and make plans for this day. Valentines day is not celebrated in a single day. It is celebrated the whole week.

Why We Celebrate Valentine

Valentine is not a name of any particular day it is name of a priest who used to live in Roam. At that moment Claudius was the ruler whose desired was to be a strong emperor for that he had to make a powerful army but he had saw that inhabitants of Rome  who had families wives and children they were not joining armies. So that ruler had made ban on the future marriages but this rule nobody liked. One day a couple came to priest Valentine and wished to do marriage then valentine did their marriage in a room but when that emperor got to know about this marriage so he had prison Valentine and gave him death sentence. When Valentine was in jail people used to come to meet him and used to carry roses and gifts for priest. So on 14 February 269 AD he was hanged. Before dying he wrote a letter in which he had mentioned

“Valentine happily sacrificed his life for love and he prayed to make love alive.”

Valentine day is celebrated from 7 February to 14 February and each day is very special.

7th February- It is celebrated as Rose day. Rose is the beautiful flower of the nature and each lover give this beautiful flower to their beautiful partner and on this day lover gives roses to their lovers and each rose say something like White Rose says- I am Sorry, Yellow Rose says- You Are My Best Friend, Pink Rose says I Like You. And the most preferable Red Rose says I Love You.

8th February- It is celebrated as Propose day on this day each individual propose their lovers for this they make plan. Propose day is very special because on this day a boy and girls propose their partner to let them know how much love they do to him & her.

9TH February- It is celebrated as Chocolate day on this day lovers give chocolate to their lovers and spread sweetness in their relationship. Sweet is the most auspicious thing which we take in generally good moments so on 9th February lovers give chocolates to their partner so that in their relationship sweetness always is present.

10th February – It is celebrated as Teddy Bear Day on this day lovers give teddy bear to their loved ones. Teddy bear is the most preferable toy which every girl wants from her lover because it looks like a cute bear which comes in so many attractive colour which attracts girls and women attention to much towards their lover. So it a custom on 10th February Boy gives teddy bear to their Girlfriend.

11thFebruray – It is celebrated as Promise day on this day each lover promise to his & her lover. They pledge to do love him & her all of his life. Promise is the very crucial word if once given it shouldn’t be broken at any cost but if once it is broken then there is no meaning in any relationship so on 11th February each lover promise to their love like they will always in all the ups & downs of their partner and always protect him & her.

12th February- It is celebrated as Kiss Day on this day each lover kiss to his love and celebrate some memorable moments together and remind some good time which they have spend together.

13th February- It is celebrated as a Hug Day on this day lovers give warm hug to their love and promise that they will be together even in tuff days. Warm Hug is all we needed in our low times. Hugs give a feeling of special pleasure and throw Hug each lover makes his and her love feel important.

14th February– It is the last day of the week which is celebrated as a Valentines Day on this day lovers spend whole day with their love and give them present, surprise, greeting cards and Red Roses. So as the priest Valentine said make always Love alive. He did great sacrifice on this day and whole universe celebrate Valentines day as a love day.

In this sequence each year in the month of February people spend some memorable time with their life partner, best friend and family.

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